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Action netball

Action Netball is played indoors for your comfort and convenience. Action Netball courts are surrounded by netting to keep the ball in play at all times.

The rules are similar to those of outdoor Netball, except that the nets become an integral part of the game. This adds to the excitement of the game and ensures that every person who has the opportunity to play, will get thirty minutes of aerobic exercise while having fun!

It’s guaranteed that once you try it you will love it and you will have found an excellent way to exercise, release tensions and socialise. Action Netball is the perfect way for people with busy schedules to take a short break and exercise while having fun!


Bursting with electrifying rallies, blocks and spikes, volleyball has been thrilling Olympic audiences since Tokyo 1964. Two teams of six players separated by a net have to score points by hitting the ball on to the court of the opposing side. It’s a sport that combines strength, agility and strategy. With serves and attacking shots that reach high speeds, the game is fast-moving and exciting


Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.Gooooal! Two teams of 11 players must try to put the ball in their opponent’s goal, while defending their own. Only one player on each team, the goalkeeper, may touch the ball with their hands and arms. high school football teaches you the value of discipline, focus, persistence, and teamwork - all skills that have proven vital to a prosperous life.

Cross country

"For those of you who have not attempted Cross Country, you’ve missing out big time." Cross Country is regarded by many as the purest form of the running sports. It does not require a highly technical artificial track or the need to mix congested traffic with the participants of Road Racing.

The sport is a "grass roots" discipline catering for all ages and abilities and is seen by many top athletes and coaches as an excellent platform on which to build a high level of stamina for Track athletes and speed for road runners. Many top athletes started their careers in Cross Country and still return to the Sport " to build strength and stamina for the new season.


Basketball - A magnificent spectacle of dribbling, slam-dunks and three-pointers. Two teams of five players must try to score points by putting the ball into the opposing side’s basket as many times as possible before time runs out. In high school basketball is a genuine battle of the giants, packed with incredible tricks, and jaw-dropping slam dunks.


With its team ethic, high-octane action and plenty of goals, hockey is a thrilling sport that keeps your heat racing on and off the field. Two teams of 11 players use sticks to control, dribble, pass and shoot a ball – the side that scores the most goals wins. One of the oldest sports, hockey boasts great skill and bravery, plenty of goals, clever tactics and exhilarating penalty shoot-outs.


“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Softball teaches and allows young girls to experience more than just striking people out and hitting a home run. A perfect place to work on you time- management, make new friends, team-working skills, dealing with winning and losing and last but not least having a great time after school.

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